What is Zakat?

June 3, 2014

Significance of Zakat.

Zakat is one of the pillars of Islam, the meaning of Zakat is to purify.  Islamic policy’s outline is Zakat is 2.5% of one’s wealth which is distributed to the poor. Zakat is a very important factor in Islamic history. We know Islam is an easy religion and everyone is equal in the eye of Islam, no one is better than another, Zakat is necessary for every able person, it is not only purifies our wealth but it is also a purification of our soul. Ibn Taimiah said “The soul of one who gives Zakat is blessed and so is his wealth”. After paying Zakat we automatically feel better and religious. We feel fresh and unique, and our mind relaxed that we have done our work. Zakat is also creates a relationship between giver and recipient. The recipient prays for him. There are many advantages of Zakat, like we feel the humanity, we meet the passion to help others, and it is an honorable act to for our reputation pay Zakat. When we pay Zakat our wealth is increased. It reminds our duty, our aim of life.  Most people choose the Holy month of Ramadan to pay the Zakat because the booty for good deeds given in this sanctified month will be multiplied.

Aim to pay Zakat.

Zakat helps out the people to overcome the poverty. Muslims use the Zakat to give to the poor community to start small businesses and expand their skills needed to make powerful themselves and come out of poverty. Zakat funds given some agencies also cheap Umrah tickets. So that everyone can meet to his dream of Umrah Tour Zakat is compulsory for everyone; it is regarded as a type of worship and of self-sanitization. The third pillar of Islam is Zakat, it is obligatory, when someone has a certain amount of money, Nisab, if not then it is not obligatory. Nisab is the minimum amount which required making a person responsible to pay Zakat. With the help of our charity those people are not able to perform Hajj & Umrah, they can find out the way to go to the sacred Makkah to perform hajj. We have to face to Allah Almighty one day than what we will excuse? When Allah Ta’ala will ask us about the rights of a human? Human rights are as important as our soul has rights on our body. Islam says to give rights to humans and make a tree of love.

  • Allah will bless on us if we pay Zakat because it is an act of worship.
  • It requires usually 2.5% to the needy.
  • Paying Zakat is a religious duty, which purifies our soul.
  • Increase our wealth.

Islam is a kind religion and everyone feels free in the circle of Islam. Allah Almighty ordered us to follow the rules of Islam and go for it.

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